Local Small Business Owner Can Make More Money

Grow Your Small Business into a 6 Figure Income

What would your life look like if you could grow the sales & profits of your small business?

How would it feel to have money left over each month after you pay the bills?

What if there were steps you could take to start earning more money and change your family's financial future?

You work way too hard not to be earning $100,000 in take-home pay each year!

Here is Just a Little of What You Can Expect to Learn


  • You will learn the #1 thing successful business owners do to make sure they can get to $100,000 in profits! 
  • You will learn the difference between the two types of money you make in your business and how critical it is to understand your business numbers. We will figure out where you are currently as well. 
  • You will learn if you are pricing correctly to maximize your profits! You will do some exercises to walk through each item or service you sell. 
  • You will dive into your existing profits and find some profit waiting to be scooped up. We call this low hanging fruit, and you will get a quick win!  Why wait to sell more? Let's start making more money right away! 
  • You will be able to identify processes within your business that are preventing you from creating more sales and more profits! We will take a look at some of the most common process costing you sales and profits. 
  • You will brainstorm some sales ideas to go from where you are currently to your new target sales goal using the 3 buckets of sales. What are the buckets and can you come up with some winners?
  • You put together a gameplan to execute over the next year to grow your business (and those profits!)
  • You will identify the resources you need to accomplish these goals. No excuses!
  • You will have the confidence, belief, and skills so you can take action and hit that $100,000 profit goal!
  • Plus your knowledge of your business numbers will grow dramatically! You will learn how to use your business numbers to create those sales and more importantly…those PROFITS!

Can You Make $100,000 Without this Course?

Of Course! You are a Badass Business Owner Right?

But Would You Be Able to Do As Quickly As You Could? 

 Afterall, There is Only So Much Time in the Day.  

The 8 Steps to $100,000 in Business Profits will Help You Achieve Your Business Financial Goals Goals Quicker than the Path You are Currently On. 

Look, you don't have to do the course to grow your business. You are a Badass Business Owner and I'm sure you will get there with or without the course.

But I'm going to assume you have been trying and have become frustrated at how slow the process has been.  I understand. I've been there.

One thing I've learned through the years is, my business has always grown when I hook up with a mentor, someone that can look at my business through a different set of eyes and point out opportunities I didn't even realize I had.

My goal with this course is that you will make back your money in less than 30 days, but you must take action!

Lack of Action Kills More Goals!

What do you have to lose? You are already stuck and looking for a solution, why not try some proven methods that larger companies already know that work!

Until the Course is Ready, Don't Forget You Can Jump in Now with the Free eBook – 8 Steps to Earning $100,000 in Profit

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I look forward to being part of your journey!


By the Way….

If you want to start learning more about your business numbers, Click here to check out the Know Your Business Numbers Course

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