Is Freshbooks Right for Your Business?


Badass Business Owners know that knowing their business numbers is a key part of their success strategy. In order to know your business numbers, you need to have a great bookkeeping process in place, and let’s face it, doing bookkeeping is not what you want to be spending your time doing.


With that said, you also love getting paid!


Remember: Sales are great, but PROFIT is amazing!


The best way to increase those profits is by having a great bookkeeping system in place. You also need to ensure you make it easy for your customers to pay you!


I’m always amazed at how many small business owners don’t send out their invoices in a timely manner for the work they have done. (as I type this, I’m on day 5 waiting to get an invoice to pay an electrician…how crazy is that!)


Freshbooks is an online bookkeeping program that will allow you to do your bookkeeping and get paid quickly!


Let’s take a closer look at what Freshbooks has to offer your business


A Quick Overview of Freshbooks

Freshbooks is a strong contender in the bookkeeping/accounting platform market, boasting more than 10 Million active customers. Meeting the needs of smaller-sized businesses, while also keeping things simple.


It’s easy to use interface allows business owners to get up and running quickly with a minimal learning curve.  And with your crazy schedule, that is a huge win!

Freshbooks can handle your invoicing, processing payments, help you track your expenses, and even help with time tracking of your employees.


But by far my favorite of these is how Freshbooks can ensure you get paid quickly! You will wow your clients with professional-looking invoices that take only seconds to create and that have a handy link in the email to let them pay immediately upon receiving the invoice.


No more saying they didn’t get it either, Freshbooks will let you know once they open the link to view the invoice. Plus you can set reminders until you get paid. No more forgetting to follow up on those unpaid invoices Freshbooks helps you get paid even when you are running around due to your busy schedule.


Check out this Quick Video to Learn More:


Freshbooks is Cloud Based

What is Cloud-based? Just means no more needing to download a program on your computer! Plus, you get seamless integration across multiple devices. You just need active, reliable internet access to view and edit any information on the platform. FreshBooks also offers their “FreshBooks Cloud Accounting” mobile app available on both Android phones/tablets and iPhones/iPads.


Send invoices while you are out in the field and not have to wait until you are home at the end of the day or in the morning. The Cloud-based platform allows you to edit on one device and seamlessly pick up where you left off on another, simply by logging into your FreshBooks account. Pretty cool stuff.


FreshBooks for Invoicing

FreshBooks invoice capabilities are top tier in terms of both design and ease of use. It all starts with the estimates and proposals. Allowing you to professionally (and easily) let your customers know what to expect when they hire you.


The proposals feature of FreshBooks allows you to include all the things needed to win over the customer, from adding sample images and attachments to describing scope of work and timelines. They even have this cool E-sign feature allowing your client to accept the proposal quickly without any extra steps! Once you win the job, you can easily convert that same proposal into an invoice with a click of a button!


Don’t do proposals or estimates? No problem!  Just create a standard invoice that you can use with all your customers. Having a template ready to go allows you to quickly send your invoices while even at the job site.


Freshbooks - Client Portal

The Client Portal is seriously one of the coolest features of FreshBooks, and it comes especially handy if you have recurring customers. Once you add customers to your client base via the client section of the platform and send an invoice (or estimate) they can choose to set up their client portal.

Within this portal, your clients can view, accept, pay, even comment on any proposal/estimates/invoices you send them. Customers can also choose to save their payment information making the next invoice payment even easier.

I’m part of a client portal for a couple of vendors I use, and I can view all my current and past invoices. It comes in handy when helping to find something I might have missed or misplaced.


Pros & Cons of Freshbooks

As with anything, there are pros and cons to using Freshbooks in your business. Here are the highlights of these:


  • Strong Invoicing capabilities
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Responsive Customer Service
  • Geared toward service-based businesses.
  • Cloud - Based


  • Costly multiple user solutions
  • Limited advanced accounting tools
  • Limited Inventory management capabilities
  • Costly Add-on features


In my opinion, for the vast majority of the small business owners running a business in their community, the pros outweigh the cons due to most businesses not really needing these advanced tools and abilities for quite a few years.


Your main mission is to ensure you get paid and track those expenses so you can truly understand the flow of money in and out of your business!


Pricing Structures for Freshbooks

Ok, I hear you now. Sounds great Tammy but what is this going to cost me?


What’s cool about Freshbooks is, you can pick the plan that works best for your business. For many businesses, it can be less than $10 a month and for most businesses, you can get started for under $20 a month.


I don’t know about you, but the time saved alone is worth $20 a month! Time is money and if you can shave hours a month off invoicing and bookkeeping, that is just more time for your family and other jobs!


The truth is, Freshbooks has a favorable pricing structure compared to its competitors and it has the ability to grow with your business. (see graph below)


What do you have to lose? Just start with the plan that best fits your business. If you don’t like how easy it is and how much time your start to save, then you can always go back to the pain the butt process you have now.


Oh, I almost forgot! You can start FREE! Yep, they have a trial period, no credit cards needed. What do you have to lose?? Give it a try and see how great it is to send invoices quickly and get paid way faster than you currently are the old fashion way!


Here is a link to view the Freshbooks Pricing and What is Included in Each Plan:  Freshbooks Pricing


Customer Service and Support

FreshBooks has held onto a long history of providing best in class customer support. The platform has even snagged up a couple of awards for its excellent customer service.  There are a couple of different ways you can get ahold of their support staff such as

Phone: 1.866.303.6061


Support Forums:

They even have a YouTube Channel featuring how-to Videos! :



Why Use Freshbooks?

At the end of the day, it is about profits. Your business can do all the sales in the world but if you don’t keep any profits, then you just bought yourself a job.


Your skills are in the doing of the business, not the invoicing, bookkeeping, etc. So why waste all that time and energy?


Let Freshbooks make this stupid easy for you.


Stop waiting days to get paid. Stop spending hours getting your invoices out. Let Freshbooks do the heavy lifting on your bookkeeping needs.


Try the free trial. Give it an honest try and then see if it helps you with the parts of your business that take up so much of your time. Time is money. Why wouldn’t you try something that has the ability to give you back time and money!



**I am an affiliate for Freshbooks. I do earn a small commission if you do decide to use Freshbooks (no cost to you tho). Please know, I only recommend products and services that I truly believe will help you in your business if used correctly 

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